Happiness Guarantee.  If unsatisfied, I agree to give WAGS HAPPY DOGS the opportunity to rectify the situation to my satisfaction.  I understand that services provided by WAGS HAPPY DOGS are covered under a happiness guarantee and WAGS will make it right under this guarantee by touching up anything to my liking upon pickup while I wait.  If the touch-up cannot be performed, WAGS will make a note of what needs to be done better and will get it right next visit. WAGS HAPPY DOGS does not offer refunds for services provided yet our professional groomers and staff will do what we can to correct any problems or concerns on this or a future visit. I agree to report any concerns to the salon staff within a reasonable amount of time.

Public Reviews (i.e.Yelp Facebook, and Google). I understand WAGS is a small salon and wants to do everything possible to meet my expectations, but also understand that sometimes mistakes are made. or expectations are not met.  If I am unable to leave a review of 5 stars, I agree to work with WAGS staff and management to resolve my issue within the terms of their Happiness Guarantee.  If I leave a negative review anyway, WAGS reserves the right to reply and post pictures of your dog(s) explaining our position if necessary.  

Grooming Injuries. Unlike humans, dogs don’t always cooperate with the groomer and it is possible during any grooming procedure for your dog to get a minor skin clipping or skin irritation from the clippers and professional grooming equipment, especially for close shaves on sensitive areas like belly, feet, and face. Nail clipping and grinding may sometimes cause minor bleeding from the nail. While we take great care to avoid this, it is possible. It is our policy to inform you if we notice any problem caused by grooming procedures. I understand this is a normal part of the grooming process and cannot always be avoided.

A contract for bailment. I requesting WAGS HAPPY DOGS, at 900 E Six Forks Rd., Suite 106, Raleigh, NC 27604 be bailee of the dog(s) I am leaving their care.

Dog toys and personal items. If I leave a toy or personal item with my pet while boarding, I understand that the item may not be returned to me in the same condition as when it was left behind. I will not hold WAGS HAPPY DOGS or its staff responsible for damage to such items.

Food and feeding. I authorize WAGS HAPPY DOGS to provide treats specifically designated for dogs during their stay.  I can also bring my own dog food and/or treats (in a sealed single-serving zipper bag).  When doing so, I will provide specific feeding instructions.  WAGS HAPPY DOGS will provide customer-provided feeding and treats service as a courtesy and best-effort.

Late pickup fee. I understand that your staff has to stay and work overtime if I am running late to pick up my dog.  To cover this staff and overtime expense, I agree to pay $15 for every half hour I am late. I will call before closing to let them know I am running late with an ETA.  I understand WAGS does not offer overnight boarding but will seek overnight boarding arrangments at your expense if we don’t hear from you before closing with an ETA.

Injury Interacting with other dogs. I understand WAGS HAPPY DOGS is an open-pen playcare (doggy daycare) facility and I authorize WAGS HAPPY DOGS and/or its staff to allow my pets to interact with other pets of similar size at their facility and at my own risk.  Although all pets are evaluated for temperament and personality and play-times are supervised by WAGS HAPPY DOGS staff, my pets may become injured during interaction and play with other pets. I can request at check-in to have my dog crated during his/her visit.

Vaccination Policy. While all pets participating in playcare, grooming or any other service, at WAGS HAPPY DOGS are up-to-date on Rabies vaccinations, there are viruses with different strains that cannot be fully vaccinated against. Canine cough, Canine influenza, and other ailments can be contracted any time a dog comes into contact with another dog. While we are a clean and sanitary environment, WAGS strongly recommends Bordatella vaccinations every 6-months for dogs interacting with others in playcare or at our store. Seasonal canine flu vaccinations are also recommended.

Indoor/Outdoor policy.  If I authorize WAGS HAPPY DOGS to walk my dog(s) outside, I understand this will be done within the immediate property and surrounding premises of the WAGS HAPPY DOGS location. I understand that my dog will be kept on a leash using a slip lead (not martingale). I release WAGS HAPPY DOGS and its staff from liability for any damages caused by persons, stray animals, or forces of nature encountered on such walks. We will not walk your dog(s) outside without implicit authorization.

Skin parasites and  Infestations. I understand that if fleas or ticks are found on my pet, s/he will be isolated and will be given a flea bath or tick extraction at my expense.  While every effort is made to maintain a flea/tick-free environment, I will not hold WAGS HAPPY DOGS and/or its staff liable for the occasional occurrence of fleas or ticks.

Emergency Procedure. Should my pet require medical attention for illness or injury while in the care of WAGS HAPPY DOGS and its staff, I authorize WAGS HAPPY DOGS to provide emergency medical care and to transport my pet to a licensed veterinarian of its choosing for treatment. I agree to reimburse WAGS HAPPY DOGS upon pick-up of my pet for any costs incurred in such an event. While WAGS HAPPY DOGS and/or its staff will make every effort to secure necessary veterinary care in an emergency, I will not hold WAGS HAPPY DOGS and/or its staff liable if unforeseen circumstances make it impossible for them to do so.

Release of liability. I understand that I place my dog under the care of WAGS HAPPY DOGS for playcare (doggy daycare), grooming, or any other service without liability on the part of WAGS HAPPY DOGS and/or its staff for loss or damage from a disease, escape, injury, theft, fire, death or other unavoidable causes, due diligence and care having been exercised. I will not hold WAGS HAPPY DOGS and/or its staff liable for the contraction of any illness during my pet’s stay. I agree to hold WAGS HAPPY DOGS and/or its staff harmless for damages resulting from such an injury or damage to persons, other pets or property caused by pets in its care, due diligence and care having been exercised.

Fees for services provided. I agree to pay WAGS HAPPY DOGS for services provided immediately when service is provided.

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