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Discount Services…

@WAGS we think your dog deserves special attention on salon day.  If you are looking for discount pricing, there are a lot of places that lure you in with lower pricing, then up-charge you for the better shampoos, colognes and decorative bows and bandanas. Or, you don’t upgrade and your dog gets a quick and basic service, often by inexperienced staff using harsh chemicals and dangerous cage dryers.  @WAGS, you’ll find our prices are a great value for the service we provide, without all the gimmicks.  You’ll find cheaper, you won’t find better. 

We give all our new customers $10 off to try us out, all you have to do is ask for the new customer discount.

Why choose WAGS HAPPY DOGS?   All-Inclusive, affordable and simple up-front pricing.   Professional Grooming staff with years of experience for the style you want, guaranteed!   Natural, Plant-based shampoos and conditioners for the health of your dog.   Safe, always-attended, cool air dryers for the safety of your dog. Crate-free, fun, playful, friendly, and sanitized environment.  Healthy treats and fresh water throughout the day.  Locally owned small business – SUPPORT LOCAL!  We know you have options and appreciate your support!

Base-Pricing by Weight

Most dogs qualify for base pricing.   Due to the variations in dog breeds, fur styles, temperament, age, and coat condition, some dogs take more time and require special attention.  We will give you an accurate price quote at check-in.

Full service means just that, everything is included.  Nails clipped or ground if your pet allows, ears, anal glands, bath with natural shampoo and conditioner, cool & safe attended blow dry,  brush out, cut to your style preference, decorative bows or bandannas, everything.
Small (<20 lbs) $55
Medium (20-40 lbs) $70
Large (41-75 lbs) $85
X-Large (76-100 lbs) $95
XX-Large (100-125 lbs) $110
XXX-Large (125-140 lbs)  $140 and up
No dogs larger than 140 lbs please
Full-service bathing with everything is included.  Nails, ears, anal glands, bath with all natural shampoo and conditioner, safe and cool attended blow dry,  and brush out (no grooming).
Small (<20 lbs.) $39
Medium (20-40 lbs) $49
Large (41-75 lbs) $64
X-Large (76-100 lbs) $74
XX-Large (100-125 lbs) $89
XXX-Large (125+ lbs)  $109 and up

Add-on and a la carte service pricing below, but first…

Did You Know…

The bath is a critical part of the grooming process.  Most places use a basic shampoo and conditioner with harsh stripping chemicals, then they rinse it quickly, throw the dog in a crate with a warm blower and move on to the next bath.  @WAGS we lovingly wash your dog with safe, natural, healthy, pH-balanced, plant-based shampoos and conditioners.  We gently massage the products in, down to the skin.  This takes time.  Then, we let the dog soak in the products for several minutes before we rinse thoroughly.  Then we strip much of the water off by hand, and towel dry softly and carefully.  Your dog is then moved to a hand cool air safe and attended blow dryer table for the remaining drying and brush-out process.  Senior dogs or dogs irritated by the process, are given several breaks to keep their nerves calm so the overall stress is reduced to a minimum. Oh yeah, treats are given for good behavior too. During the dry process, we apply a soft and natural cologne that makes your dog smell amazing for days after leaving the salon.  Bathtime for some dogs is a couple hour process before we even start grooming.  And the de-shedding process when needed can take 2 or 3 hours.  It’s very tedious and meticulous work.  But @WAGS, we do it the right way!

Up-front and simple pricing works for most dogs.  Sometimes dogs need special care for various reasons and we have to charge additional.  We will discuss additional charges with you upon check-in.
Specialty/Difficult Breeds and Styles $10-40
Temperament Issues $10-40
Pregnant $0-$40
De-Matting $10-$25
De-Shedding $20-$50
Elder/Senior $0-$15
Flea Treatment $15
Flea Infestations $25-$50
Extra Muddy $20-$50
Extra Smelly (Skunk) $25-$50
Fresh Breath Package (With Grooming) $7.50
Items listed with (only) are included with any full-service grooming package above.
Teeth & Breath Package $15
Nail Polish $15
Fur Tattoos $15
Nail Clipping (Only) $15
Nail Grinding (Only) $15
Ear Cleaning (Only) $15

Because playcare is better than daycare!

0-4 hours $20 per dog
Daily (4+ hours) $35 per dog
2 or more dogs, Daily rate $28 each
RATE LOCKED: 10-visits punch card $229.99 ($23 per day, lowest in Raleigh!)
RATE LOCKED: Monthly Unlimited $369.99 Monthly recurring
(RATE LOCKED means your rate will not change as long as you are a subscriber.  Punch cards must be renewed before the last visit to keep the current rate.)
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