Playcare @WAGS

Why Playcare @WAGS ?  Develop Social Skills.  Strengthen the brain.  Calm the Crazy by Burning off Excessive Energy.  Build up the Timid with Special Care & Attention from our Staff.  Curb Destructive Behavior caused by Boredom and Loneliness when left at Home all Alone. Reduce Barking, Jumping, Humping & Marking. Learn new Skills. Safe, Clean, & Affordable Fun!

All-day, Climate-Controlled!

You wouldn’t leave your house dog outside all day so why bring your pup to an outdoor or warehouse-type facility?  Our facility is first-class, air-conditioned comfort all day.  Just like at home.

Did you know?

Playcare @WAGS is crate-free meaning your dog has a large play area for the big dogs and a separate small dog area for the little ones.  We will play with your dog all day in our fun and friendly environment.

Limited Playcare Spots Available

Monday - Friday  7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Book Online

New Clients, bring your Rabies Certificate (Required) and Bordatella & Canine Flu (Recommended) Vaccination Records.

At WAGS HAPPY DOGS, we provide a fun, safe, and clean environment for your pet.


Why do we call it playcare?

Daycare sounds boring! Playcare at WAGS HAPPY DOGS means we will actively play with your pup in a group setting with other dogs his/her own size. Our staff plays and runs around the dogs, throwing balls, playing with pull-toys and just having fun with your pup for most of the day, except of course, during posted daily nap time.

What does playcare include?
  • Frequent group playtime
  • Lots of interaction and attention from staff
  • Soft, cuddly bedding for those needing a nap time
  • Indoor, climate-controlled bunks and play areas
What are the benefits of playcare?
  • Dogs burn off excess energy
  • It curbs destructive behavior at home
  • Great for socialization with other dogs
  • Work all day without worry, knowing your pup is in a safe, clean and fun environment
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