Cutting or grinding your dogs nails is an important part of the grooming process and a healthy dog.  It seems no one likes doing this, not you, nor your dog.  A professional groomer knows how important this is to help dogs walk evenly on the pads of their feet.  When nails are so long that they constantly touch the ground, they exert force back into the nail bed, creating pain for the dog putting pressure on the toe joint.  With time, this can actually realign or misalign the joints in the front part of their legs, making the foot look flattened.  When this happens, the dog cannot distribute his or her weight properly and can even affect their ability to walk or run effectively.  Your dog can be more susceptible to injury as well. They can also grow back into the pad of the foot and even through the foot again, or simply get torn or split causing other health issues for your dog, in extreme cases. Imagine the pain. At WAGS HAPPY DOGS, we know the importance of a properly maintained nail so we offer it as a standalone service or included as part of many of our grooming packages.  We prefer grinding if your pet will allow it, for two reasons:

    1. Grinding leaves a nice smooth rounded edge on the nail reducing their ability to scratch you or your floor when you return home.
    2. Grinding the nail is less evasive and less chance of cutting to their quick (the nerve and vein running through each of their nails) than clipping.

Of course, some dogs don’t like this weird spinning device and it’s little motor so we are forced to clip the nails. Either way, our professional groomers will take great care to do it properly. If we do clip the quick slightly, we have professional products to reduce and stop any bleeding.  We will always use a conservative clipping or grinding approach as a well-groomed dog will be back in the next 4-8 weeks for another nail service. Shortening the nail without “quicking” the dog is easier said than done – unless your dog has white or light-colored nails, in which case, you’re in luck: The quick will be visible from the side, as a sort of pink-colored shadow within the nail. You can’t see the quick in a black or dark-colored nail so we take a more conservative approach by clipping less nail to minimize this issue. When grinding your pets’ nails, we use a professional grinder that is specifically designed for this purpose, not too fast or too powerful so your dog is safe during the simple and effective procedure.

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