De-Matting Service @WAGS


Mats are solid clumps of knotted fur. Although they can be found anywhere on your dog’s body, they’re most commonly found in areas where your dog’s fur rubs together. Adding simple steps to your grooming routine can help prevent mats. But, certain breeds are more susceptible to matting, even with proper grooming. Owners of dogs with hair that’s soft to the touch rather than short and coarse should make sure to regularly check their dog for mats.


When checking your dog for mats, focus on the areas behind the ears, between the toes, between the legs in the dog’s armpit, around the bottom and stomach and along the backs of the legs. Brushing your dog several times a week and taking the time to inspect his coat between grooming, especially after play and exercise, will help prevent mats from forming. If you notice your dog’s hair is still susceptible to matting, make sure to use a curved wire slicker brush or a large steel pin brush. Always brush your dog before a bath. That way, you won’t be cleaning tangles or letting mats stay in the coat. Even if you’ve done all you can to prevent your dog’s hair from matting, most dogs with soft or long hair occasionally develop mats between grooming. Dealing with them doesn’t have to be a traumatizing experience for either you or your dog. In fact, if mats aren’t removed, they can become painful by pulling at your dog’s skin or starting to itch. It’s best to remove mats carefully and quickly before they get out of control.


At WAGS HAPPY DOGS, our certified professionals will do their best to deal with your dogs mats.  During a regular grooming service, we will cut or brush out small mats.  For excessive matting, we will be happy to quote you an additional service cost for de-matting your dog or refer you to a veterinarian professional for a heavily matted dog.  Pricing: Varies

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