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Hemp For Dogs: Should You Use It?

Great article on providing hemp oil products to your dog.

Pet Ownership Saves $11.7 Billion in Health Care Costs

HUMAN ANIMAL BOND RESEARCH INITIATIVE RELEASES NEW ECONOMIC STUDY “There was abundant research to show that pets have a positive effect on

Helping Your Child Grieve the Loss of a Dog

Whether you’ve made the difficult decision to put your dog to sleep or if the dog

Dog Walking Tips Every Owner Should Know

Was the idea of walking a dog what prompted you to become a dog owner? Dogs certainly do need

Can Dogs Get the Zika Virus?

Can get the Zika virus. The current answer to that question is

How to Tell if Your Dog is Happy

There is just something really special about the unconditional love of dog. There’s something about that unbridled energy

Dogs left in running car crash it into a Walmart

WAYNE, West Virginia – A pair of dogs who were left in a car with the motor still running crashed

7 Things You Should NEVER Do to Your Dog

Don’t Leave a Dog Alone in the Car Even when the weather is relatively cool, a car can quickly become a greenhouse

Research Finds Dogs Can Read Human Emotions Through Facial Expressions

Have you ever wondered if your dog understands what you’re thinking

Happy or Sad? Direction of Tail Wag Reveals Your Dog’s Mood

When a pet parent sees a dog wag his tail, it typically just tells us

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