Dog Bathing

DIY Self-Bathing

Bathing your dog in your home or apartment can be a disaster.  At WAGS HAPPY DOGS we have bath tubs that lift your dog up to your standing height so you don’t have to bend over in a bathroom tub.  Also, the tubs are designed for dogs so a whole lot less slipping and sliding.  The water is the right temperature, we have the all-natural shampoo and conditioner right there, plus:

  • Easy on/off spray nozzles
  • Plastic apron to help keep you dry
  • High-velocity air blowers to help loosen shedding hair and dry your dog
  • Towels and Warm high-velocity hair dryers to finish the drying process
  • All Natural shampoo and conditioning products
  • Drain protection to keep the drains from clogging
  • A variety of brushes available for your use during the visit
  • We clean and sanitize after every self-bath – no-fuss clean up!

Simple Pricing:

DIY Self- Bathing

You do the work, we provide the supplies and clean up after

  •  $18 per dog

Typically 30-45 minutes salon use.  Excessive time may cost slightly more.

Come on in anytime we’re open

Last check-in 1 hour prior to closing – No Appointment Needed for DIY SELF-BATHING! Fridays and Saturday’s have the longest wait times.

Need special accommodations?  Call (919) 590-WAGS (9247)

Simple Pricing:

Full Service Bathing

Full service means just that, everything is included.  Nails, ears, anal glands, bath with shampoo and conditioner, cool attended blow dry,  brush out, light sanitary trim (no grooming).

  • Most Puppies (Under 4-months) $45

Includes light trim/grooming

  • Small Dogs (<20 lbs) $45

  • Medium Dogs (20-40 lbs) $50

  • Large Dogs (41-75 lbs) $65

  • X-Large Dogs (76-100 lbs) $75

  • XX-Large Dogs (100-125 lbs) $110

  • XXX-Large Dogs (125+ lbs)  $135

Temperament $10-$25 Additional
Pregnant $15-$25 Additional
De-Matting $10-$25 Additional
De-Shedding (Excessive or deep coat treatment) $10 -$50 Additional
Nail Polish $15
Flea treatment (if fleas are found) $10-$25 Additional (Infestations may be higher)
Extra Muddy or Smelly (Skunk) $10-$50 Additional
Teeth Cleaning & Breath Treatment – $10-15 Additional
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Come on in anytime we’re open

Last check-in 1 hour prior to closing – No Appointment Needed for SELF-BATHING!

Need special accommodations?  Call (919) 590-WAGS (9247)

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